PP hollow building template extrusion line



PP hollow building template is widely used in construction and decoration. Hollow grid plate molds and feed blocks can be UV protected on both sides. The width of the product is 1220mm, which has high impact strength, good weather resistance and UV resistance. The upper and lower die lips are adjustable, and the thickness fluctuation of production can be controlled within 3%; the built-in heater function provides fast heating and excellent temperature holding ability. Individual air conditioners make it easier to control the amount of air in each section, which improves product quality. The smoothness of the channel reaches 0.015-0.03um, ensuring anti-stagnation.

Different designs can meet different requirements of products. The thickness of general PP hollow boards is between 4 and 25mm. Multilayer boards such as H-shaped cross-sections, X-shaped cross-sections, etc., some thicknesses can reach 36mm, and can be coated with UV layer. . PP and PE hollow grille panels produced by special molds are light in weight, moisture-proof, and high in impact strength. They are widely used as advertising light panels, exhibition interior decoration, and portable boxes. The thickness range is 4-20mm and the width is 1200-2200mm.

The cooling vacuum calibrator is made of specially treated materials to ensure maximum abrasion resistance and no deformation. Special temperature-controlled waterway and vacuum calibration design allow temperature adjustment to meet various physical performance requirements of different materials.

PP building formwork specifications:

915mmx1830mm 14mm 10kg
915mmx1830mm 15mm 12kg
915mmx1830mm 18mm 13kg
1220mmx2440mm 14mm 18kg
1220mmx2440mm 15mm 20kg
1220mmx2440mm 18mm 25kg


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