PVC pipe production line


Uses and characteristics:

This unit is mainly used to produce various PVC pipes

Technical Parameters:

model Tube diameter range(mm) Supporting host Auxiliary power(kw) Note
PVC40 Φ16-Φ40 SJSZ51 15 一出二
PVC63A Φ16-Φ63 SJSZ51 14 一出一
PVC63B Φ16-Φ63 SJSZ65 24 一出二
PVC160 Φ50-Φ160 SJSZ65 18
PVC200 Φ50-Φ200 SJSZ65 20
PVC250 Φ90-Φ250 SJSZ80 24
PVC400 Φ110-Φ400 SJSZ80 28

production line:

Machine composition:

SJSZ twin-screw extruder, setting table, tractor, material rack.


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